Stratford Hospital District
"Serving the medical needs of Stratford and the Texas panhandle."

Stratford Hospital District

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The Stratford Hospital District is a taxing entity that was created by a legislative act in 1969.  It is run by a board of directors elected from the district.  One of the district's original purposes was to build and operate a nursing home for the residents of Stratford and the surrounding area.  Therefore, Coldwater Manor Nursing Facility was constructed.  The ambulance service was taken over by the district and an EMS building was constructed in the 1980s.  During the 1990s, the Stratford Hospital District purchased the Stratford Family Medical Clinic in order to ensure that the residents of Sherman County would have medical services available.  The Elk Pharmacy was purchased by the hospital district in 2008 when the local pharmacist retired.  Today, the Stratford Hospital District owns and operates all four of these businesses.
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